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Compatibility Match

Getting to know someone and learning whether you're a good match can take a lot of time (and money!) LDS Singles Network saves on both by giving you an instant assessment of how well your values and temperment match up with others'. Build your Compatibility Profile and find your best matches today.

+ = 92%
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You're a fantastic person but don't want to blow your own horn? No problem! Get your friends to do it for you! Connections to you are shown on your profile, and connections you've made to others are only a click away. Connections put the "Network" in "LDS Singles Network".

From Sopapia
Trust Natureboy to make you want to live a lot more. He has zest for life, a sharp mind with wit and intuition in spades.
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Interview Me!

Knowing what to say to introduce yourself can be tough. To help you write your introduction, we've prepared over 250 questions, each of which you may answer, modify or skip.

Describe one of your life philosophies.
There is good in everyone, you just have to take the time to find it.

Are you adventurous? In what ways?
Yes-I've tried the Fire sauce at Taco Bell.

¿Hablas Espanol?
Si. Y frances y chino y pig latin y el idioma internacional del amor!
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What would you like to know about other singles before writing to them or asking for a date? Questionnaire lets you ask everyone who visits your profile up to 10 questions. Use it to screen "applicants" or simply break the ice.

What sports do you play?

Do you enjoy LDS singles conferences?

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Skills & Interests

Looking for someone who shares your passion for opera, rock climbing and underwater basket weaving? List up to 25 Skills & Interests on your profile, optionally indicating your interest and skill levels. Search for singles based on the skills and interests they've listed.

Click the "Interests" tab on any LDS Singles Network profile.
Levels: InterestSkill
Talking - and listening54
Skiing - cross country53
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Interest Groups

Join an interest group to meet like-minded singles in a casual, no-pressure social environment. If no existing groups fill your interests, you can create a new one. Plan activities, post them on the calendar, send messages, etc.

Regata Club Ahoy! Hoist yer sails & haul yer sheets, single sailors and sailorettes! We go a-sailing to Bird Island. Meet on that south jetty at Provo Marina, Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
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Has another single caught your interest and you'd like to know whether they feel the same? Matchmaker makes it possible! Just mark the profile of anyone you would like to meet or get to know better. If they mark your profile, you'll both get a message letting you know that the interest is mutual!

Matchmaker: I'd like to:
meet daffodil
get to know her - maybe meet later
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LDS Singles Network chat requires no software downloads--it works in your web browser. Open a public or private chat anytime and get better acquainted with many LDS singles at once!
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Lowest Pricing

Your free guest membership allows access to the vast majority of LDS Singles Network's advanced features. Get the rest free by referring your friends, or pay as little as $3.33 per month. LDS Singles Network is dedicated to giving you more for less!
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Much More!

Sign up for your free guest membership in less than two minutes and start meeting LDS singles today. Take advantage of these and many more features of the best-designed LDS singles site of all time. Find out for yourself how LDS Singles Network is building a better spouse trap!