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 Interest Groups 

Getting to know that special someone can be easier in an atmosphere that has an additional focus.

At LDS Singles Network, we realize that there's more to social life than just dates, and we think a singles site should have room for all of it. Even if you're only here to meet your mate, and aren't interested in casual socializing just for fun, it's often easier to build the friendship that every relationship requires in a setting that isn't too tightly focused on dating.

A few of the groups you'll find on LDS Singles Network include:

Each group has it's own event calendar to which any group member may add events (unless the group leader has set restrictions). Group members receive information about newly added calendar items by email. All events on every group calendar also show up on the main LDS Singles Network calendar.

Group members can send messages to all the other members of a group at once (also subject to group leader control).

You can create and lead a new interest group. If none of the existing groups is quite what you're after, you can create a new group yourself. (Note that you must have a full-access account to create a group).

Complete your free registration and join an interest group today.