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Web Page Display:

The text on this site is too small to read/too large. Can I change it?
We have set the default text size to look as good as possible for as many people as possible, but differences in web browsers and personal preferences make it difficult to get it right for everyone. If you need to change the size that the text is diplayed for you, you can do so here.
When I load the homepage, it looks like a tornado went through it. Do you need disaster relief?
This website uses modern web standards like CSS and DOM to control the appearance and layout of its content. This enables us, for example, to easily let each person control the size that the the text is displayed (see the previous question), and generally makes the site load faster and appear more consistent. Unfortunately, these moderns standards are not well supported by some older web browsers--most notably Netscape version 4. We regret that we are unable to continue supporting browsers that do not support these standards, and recommend that users of older browsers update to newer versions with better standards compliance, which will enhance your experience not only here, but throughout the web.

Thanks for the offer of disaster relief, but I think we'll manage!