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I never seem to get messages, even responses from people who I send messages to. Why not?
There are many possible reasons:
  1. Your profile may not be complete enough for people to decide whether to send responses or not. Adding more information and a photograph can help.
  2. Your email inbox may be full, so your messages may be getting rejected by your email host. This is suprisingly common with Hotmail accounts. If this happens, be sure to delete old email on a regular basis.
  3. Your email address may be out of date. If your email address has changed since you signed up, click here to update it.
  4. The people you send messages to may not have full access, so although they can see who the message is from, they can't read it, so they don't respond. In this case, you can only hope that they eventually sign up for full access and receive their messages.
  5. You may be sitting back and waiting too much. Try sending more messages yourself, and you'll be more likely to get something in response.