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Someone said something in one of my Connections that isn't accurate--will you delete it?
Generally our policy is that if we feel that a reference is offensive, we will delete it. Otherwise, we will let you handle the issue by responding to it. You can also keep it off your main profile page if you have at least three other Connections by unchecking "Show on profile" next to it (see next question).

We will also consider removing Connections that are patently false. But since it is difficult for us to know who is right and who is wrong, there may be cases where you believe that a reference should be removed where we will not do so. We apologize for any errors we may make, and urge you to handle such cases by explaining your point of view in yoru response.

How do I respond to my Connections?
To respond to things that others write in your Connections, click "Read all of [your username]'s Connections", which will appear immediately beneath the Connections shown on your profile. You will see a form where you can write your response.

You can also determine which Connections will be shown on your main profile page by checking "Show on profile" next to some of them. At most, three Connections will be shown on your profile. If you check less than three Connections, the one's you check will be shown first, but additional Connections will also be shown even though they are not checked.

When responding or selecting Connections to show on your profile, be sure to click "Update" after each one--only one reference can be updated at a time.