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Building a Great Profile

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Building a Great Profile
What does it take to make a profile that gets results? A few tips will help you to do just that. First, be aware that a great profile must do two things:
  1. Get found
  2. Get responses from the people you want to meet
The key to getting your profile found is completeness: Once you've got people viewing your profile, it needs to inspire the right kinds of people to send you a message. Keep the information in your profile honest so that people who are looking for the kind of person you really are will contact you, and to avoid wasting time with people who are looking for someone you're not. Here are a few things that will help your visitors to know whether you are what they're looking for: One last thing: if you want people to email you, email them! Don't just sit back and wait! If nothing else, set matchmaker settings for them. But don't rely on that exclusively, or you'll risk missing opportunities with people who haven't discovered the matchmaker feature, or somehow just happen to miss your profile in their searches.