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hello kindly im new
Posted by bloodwolfi on 8/31/2018
its been 11 years since ive been an active member but this church i caught onto the holy spirit telling me this is the church ive been looking for .... i didnt know this religion would be so great once i got older im 24 now im gonna go this sunday

all my family is mormon

i thought well how great the found out how legit it is before me lol

so yeah before choosing jesus christ last month I GOT tortured spiritually from many demons trying to get me to die But christ tells me im safe when i choose him i didnt know to choose HIm and it was so easier after that but i had to catch on by myself like i heard the bible and others preach like....accept christ then your saved BUT i never thought to do it just cause other beliefs seems funner at the time BUT im actually very much like jesus,,in terms of sweetness and not into hate i love everyone and i actually self sacrificed myself to an earth hell for my women crushes i seemed to have telepathy with but i ended all that i finally had to try accepting christ and it worked so he saved me from all the evil vibes and talk demons are very real the bible quotes about them very accurate false promises very tricky but they arent legit like id rather have truth than lies and thats what this church gives me im making a website taking notes on lds religion topics scriptures etc i made some art too im not the best artist but its ok i just do it for the lord to express love for the church and yeah

:) im glad i am saved hes very sweet to talk to (jesus is) we have a ton in common but im having trouble quitting smoking and coffee but i am weening down pretty nicely


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(no subject)
Posted by bountyplum on 9/7/2018