LDS SN News had a link to an article on Meridian Magazine chronicling the rapid changes to some girls list of the four guys she was most interested in. One day, the guy on the top of her list “spent way too much time talking about how there are too many fat girls in our ward.” He dropped to fourth place (sheesh, just drop the guy completely if he’s going to be such a schmo!). The next day he was an “alternate” at number five, and then four days later he was “cute and charming” and went back to the top. If that were an isolated example of how fast this girl’s hormones shifted, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but it sounds like it’s pretty typical–like every time a boy smiles at her she melts and puts him on the top of the list. I just can’t see myself dating someone who’s likely to drop me from number one to number five in the time it takes to walk from Sacrament Meeting to Sunday School. Please tell me not all women are this fickle!

An encouraging note. She said later that “guys have complete control over their placement on the list,” and went on to say that asking girls out zips you to the top. I know for a fact that this isn’t true with many girls, because I’ve clearly not ended up anywhere near the top of the list of some of the girls I’ve asked out. So not all women are emotional puppets. As much fun as it is to get instant acceptance, honestly, I think I’d rather put a little work in and end up with a stable relationship.