The bad news is that I’ve already slacked off on my journal writing. The good news is that I’m going out on at least two dates a week, even though I’m not writing about all of them, so I can at least hope that I’m making progress on my New Journal’s Resolution.

One trick I’ve discovered for helping to avoid slacking off on New Years Resolutions is to find every possible new year throughout the year, and make or renew resolutions at those times. The first is obviously January 1. But there are others: Chinese New Year, the start of the fiscal year, and my birthday. In the future, my sister Joan and I are planning to make resolutions on each other’s birthdays, as well as our own, which will help spread our various new years throughout the calendar year.

When I’m married and have children, I’ll have even more new years to choose from. I wonder whether I’ll need more resolutions then too.