At FHE Monday, some people were talking about LDS singles websites. It was a little disappointing hearing some people talk about how they didn’t think it was worth the trouble of slogging through all the profiles looking for interesting people, because it took too long, and it was too hard to tell from a profile whether a person might be interesting.

After a while, I realized that everybody was talking about the stodgy old granddaddy of LDS singles sites: LDS Singles Online. My comments about how the tools on LDS Singles Network made searching a lot quicker and the profiles more informative were met by skepticism from the jaded, but a few people seemed interested and said they’d check it out.

I’ve wondered since then what it would take to either get LDSSO to add some features, or to start a mass migration from the big sites with few features to LDSSN. I noticed on LDSSN’s “about” page that before they built their site, they had made some suggestions to other sites (which I assume includes LDSSO) which were ignored, and have concluded that the big boys are probably complacent enough that they don’t feel the need to make any major improvements.

So the question is, how does one start a migration?

I think the fact that everyone talks about LDSSO as if they were the only LDS singles site is part of the problem. If that’s the site that everyone talks about, then that’s the site that everyone is going to judge all LDS singles sites by.

What we’ve got here is a sick meme (“an idea that replicates through society as it is propagated through person-to-person interaction”*), or at least a languishing one. Maybe if we could start a new meme that held out a little more hope for singles sites actually working, we could both increase the general level of interest, as well as getting more people onto the site with the features that can make it work.

So now I’ve got another question in the back of my mind: how does one start a meme? I guess if there were an easy answer to that question that didn’t involve large sums of money, we wouldn’t have to deal with advertisements. Here’s what comes to mind so far:

  1. Meme’s grow best around things that are important, interesting, entertaining, or otherwise beyond the ordinary.
  2. For a meme to survive, it must obtain critical mass, reach a tipping point, etc., before whatever started it dies out.
  3. The only place to start is with oneself.

So here’s what I plan to do:

  1. Arm myself with a few interesting facts about LDS Singles Network (I think I’ll focus on Compatibility Profiles/Compatibility Match Search, and Connections).
  2. When singles sites come up in conversation, I’ll look for opportunities to weave those things in.
  3. Whenever I email someone on one of the other sites (yeah, I’m still on a few of them), I’ll mention LDSSN and it’s features.

I don’t know how much difference it will make, but if a new meme does get started, maybe “that special someone” will come to LDSSN, and I’ll be able to find her at last.