At FHE Monday, some people were talking about LDS singles websites. It was a little disappointing hearing some people talk about how they didn’t think it was worth the trouble of slogging through all the profiles looking for interesting people, because it took too long, and it was too hard to tell from a profile […]

Every once in a while, I catch a glimpse of the thin, thin line that divides bliss from catastrophy. Last night, a girl I dated a few years ago came up in conversation, and was I ever happy to still be single! “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass,” says Alma. […]

I went skiing at Brighton the other day. As I approached the lift line, I’d often hear someone calling out “single!” Some other “single” person would join them and they’d ride up the lift together. It reminded me of so called “speed dating”, where groups of people get together and spend a few minutes in […]

Last night at FHE, I noticed that Joe, who used to come all the time, wasn’t there for the third week in a row. I voiced my observation to Alex, who said that he heard that Joe has been hanging out with a girl named Alicia a lot lately. Meredith overheard and asked whether they […]

Back in July while I was camping, my buddy Alex found a new girlfriend. So far so good. The problem is that whenever we all hang out together, the chemistry between us seems to gell. I’m gellin’ like a felon, at risk of stealing my buddy’s girlfriend.

Honestly, I’d have to say that I think […]

The bad news is that I’ve already slacked off on my journal writing. The good news is that I’m going out on at least two dates a week, even though I’m not writing about all of them, so I can at least hope that I’m making progress on my New Journal’s Resolution.

One trick I’ve […]

LDS SN News had a link to an article on Meridian Magazine chronicling the rapid changes to some girls list of the four guys she was most interested in. One day, the guy on the top of her list “spent way too much time talking about how there are too many fat girls in our […]

A friend of mine named Yuko flew home to Japan yesterday. We first met on what I call a “visually challenged date”. It wasn’t really a blind date in the sense that the people who set it up didn’t think they’d been inspired and that wedding bells were coming in the next two months. (A […]

Just a short entry for tonight before I fall asleep. I just got back from a two-day camping trip in the high Uintahs. Beautiful country! Good company. Nice to have the llamas carrying some of our gear. As tired and interested in nothing but sleep as I am, the apartment still feels so empty and […]

My sister Joan says she has a “stalker”. A guy from her student ward who’d given her rides to activities a few times has now started emailing and instant-messaging her all the time. She has turned down repeated date invitations, but he keeps asking. He’s not lurking outside her window or anything, but she’s still […]

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