I visited Jack yesterday. His one year old was having a grumpy day, whining and crying for no discernable reason. I’m sure he had his reasons, but whatever they were, it was clear from our adult persepective that he was overreacting to something trivial. I wondered whether we look the same way to God when […]

I didn’t have a date to watch the fireworks the other night, so I went rock climbing at “The Red Slab”, just up canyon from the Provo temple. As the sun went down, I made myself comfortable at the top of the slab and watched the fireworks from there.

I wasn’t the only one watching […]

My sister Jill and I chatted online a little last night, and she gave me some insight into the challenges of marriage and how to overcome them. She’d gotten a little frustrated last week because her husband often puts off completing his household chores for a few days. A while back, they’d sat down and […]

Yesterday I went on a first date to see “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. We went to a matinee, so the theater was mostly empty. The movie was great, but near the end, somebody behind us decided that licking their monster jawbreaker had numbed their tongue enough, so they sent it flying and hit my date […]

I was searching for new profiles on LDS Singles Network today and came across someone who looked awfully familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen her before till I was browsing through my list bookmarked profiles and came across three others with the same photo! Possible explanations:

* She’s forgetful–she makes a new profile […]

The saying “women are from Venus, men are from Mars” is meant to point out that we’re different from each other. I have another interpretation: here on earth, both genders are off their rock(er)s.

Case in point: I had dinner with my brother Jack and his wife Anne last night. At one point, a little […]

I ran into an old female friend of Jack’s today, and was reminded of the first time I met her. At the time, I was head over heels over a girl who wanted nothing to do with me. I’d been languishing for a while and knew it, but hadn’t yet managed to let her go. […]

I had a date with a girl in an unfamiliar town last night. She’d emailed me her address, and I’d assumed that I’d be able to drive this far north and this far east, and there it would be.


I got that far north, but when I tried to get that far east, I […]

My name is John Q. Singleton, and I have a problem. I am single. Still. I hereby resolve that by the time this journal is full, I will be married. To accomplish this goal, I have created a profile on LDS Singles Network.

Seriously though, singleness isn’t all bad. I get to date a lot […]

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